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LA Lawyer
04-08-2005, 11:31 AM
I just had a case assigned to Judge Bigelow. My homework shows that sat in criminal for about 10 years. Her father, M. Ross Bigelow, was a superior court judge for many years on the criminal bench and was the Judge for two Symbionese Liberation Army members involved in a 1974 shoot out. Ross Bigelow was well liked and wrote several trial practice books.

Tricia Ann Bigelow as far as I know, has no civil "lawyer" experience, but was always a US Attorney General. The grapevine of underdogs says she has a good temperment, which I also observed, and I'm sure here whole legal life had the goal to be a judge like her Dad. He was known as a nice and fair guy, and it seems she is following that reputation as well.