View Full Version : Kenneth R. Freeman, Department 64

Law Monster
05-05-2005, 09:49 PM
I almost freaked out when I first saw this guy. He is a dead ringer for Vizzini (played by Wallace Shawnin) from the film the Princess Bride. :D

Then I saw his court reporter, she looks like Neve Campbell. ;) Shes real cute, and a very nice young woman. Perfect little shiksa nose, heart shaped face, nice lips, just a little junk in the trunk, sweet smile, but perfectly fine figure. But, Im just a little old to be dating twenty somethings. Now after I turn 50 (Yeah, Im a pig, I know.)

I have mixed impressions with this Judge. He seems friendly; he seems to be fairly common sensical, if that is a word. I have only had one case and attended three court hearings. He is one of those judges who calls the case, reads a long tentative which recites what each sides moving papers say, then has a conclusion which from what I can tell mimics one or the other lawyers argument, not his once work. For example, Judge Chalfant seems to independently research the salient issues. The result is I trust what Chalfant says, even if it is against me.

Freeman never changes a tentative ruling. If you try engaging him in a discussion (legal argument) you quietly listens, then says I stand by the tentative. My feeling is his law clerk regurgitates the arguments from the moving and opposing papers, suggests a decision, and Freeman goes along with it. So far Im not impressed.

On the good, he does not seem like the type of Judge to screw you if you make a mistake. Though, I saw him sanction someone when it clearly was not an abuse.
I have a feeling is a run of the mill conservative oriented guy. Im not sure of his legal background, but who cares. For most of these guys once they put on the black robes they are simply the man.