View Full Version : Stone, Richard, Beverly Hills Court House, Div. 6 (Civil/Criminal)

The Underdog
03-09-2006, 01:09 PM
Judge Stone is one of the best out there. I had a jury trial before him and lost miserably; he kicked my client's ass to Uranus and beyond! But he was so polite, fair, adroit, and practical; it was such a pleasure to practice before him. The trial was one of the most fun trials I have ever had. And I do what I do because it is fun; I definitely am not getting rich.

While I think the Judge was technically wrong on a few points, which were outcome determinative, and the case is under appeal, I understand why he made his rulings as he did which was to achieve the judgment he thought was warranted to fit my client's situation which was a bit unusual. Normally you need to watch the judges who want to achieve a particular result and use law to fit their rulings. But in Stone's case, he has a good feeling of right and wrong, is smart and his heart is in the right place. I would have no qualms to have him try any type of case I may have in the future.

He will let you argue a case until your hair turns gray. He will nod in agreement, ask you a few questions as if he is a law school professor, then reply, "you make an very forceful and interesting point, but I don't agree because ..." If he does not know the answer, he will tell you and ask for supplemental briefs. I like that. He is very practical. I think he relies a lot on his research attorney Madeline. She is also a great lady.

On criminal matters, I am continually impressed by how he handles himself. He treats every defendant with dignity and expresses an incredible amount of passion for victims. He will give your client a chance to avoid prison. However, no matter how nice he may be cutting your client a break, when he tells someone, "don't break my conditions" he means it. And don't count on a second chance. He also has an amazing memory for people and events.

While he just might be the most controlling judge in the county, you also feel compelled to pop into his court room to say hi, and will look forward to arguing cases in front of him. But if you lose, he will not split the baby. There is always a winner and a loser. However, he is also pretty good at settling cases.

P.S. He is also pretty good with grammar and will point out your faux pas. I know I could use a grammar checker! LOL