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01-12-2004, 01:33 PM
Alexander H. Williams III, LASC Dept. 35 General Civil

05-01-2004, 10:04 AM
Alexander H. Williams III, LASC Dept. 35 General Civil
This guy is a phoenix rising from the dead. 15-20 years ago he was a lunatic. He was publically disciplined for certain statements to counsel. Recently I had a case before him, he has changed. He clearly has either been to a shrink for the past decade, or is currying favor to try private judging upon retirement.

As a young lawyer he scared the shit out of me and I'm from a quasi military background. (He is ex Navy, and I think only JAG, but he acted like a ****en Marine Commadant)
Now, well, I think I would use him as a private judge (or with a trial if he is still around in my case). Now that his temper is under control (mostly) you can see he is one sharp cookie! He is also very practical and accomodating. He is a bit patronizing, but in a nice way, tells the same stories about his daughter in banking, his current Jewish wife (he is the Shabbos goy), and that he is on a salary, etc. His courtroom assistant is named Robert E. Lee. Well, I expected that from a Southern Gentleman like Williams, but this Robert E. Lee is Asian. Though he also has a unique sense of humor.