View Full Version : Terry Bailey, Camarillo

Valley Lawyer
05-03-2006, 10:54 PM
This guy is your perfect opponent. He is lazy and not too bright. :p Well, I’m sure he is “smart”; he just can’t litigate himself out of a paper bag.

He fancies himself as a plaintiff’s construction defect lawyer, his claim to fame is he “knows” Brian Kabateck, I think he may have worked with him before. From some comments I have overheard, I think Bailey often refers out cases to Kabateck, which is fine if he wants to be a runner/ capper for his career. While Brian understands the “game” of CD work, and is polite, this guy just wants to sign up any possible plaintiff he can, file a complaint, then try to settle – without concern to the merits of the case. Though Kabateck also tends to file suit "within 7 days of the file entering the office" which is plain stupid. Bailey does not understand that when you are a plaintiff, you need to be nice to your opposition who is only going to mess with you more when it is clear he has no case and cannot litigate. I mean, can’t this guy invest at least a couple of thousand for a real investigation and report by an engineer or GC? Can he at least do some homework at the Dept. of Building and Safety, or on the web to figure out who might be responsible? Or does he understand there are statutes of limitations and the difference between an claim of an HOA and a homeowner, or what is a developer? I can go on and on.

You have so much fun messing with Bailey that you don’t want to stop. I guess I am the opposite of an underdog, but when there is merit we do settle cases. This guy is a whiny jerk. Once I see that, then I just can’t stop from pushing his buttons. If I do seem him again, I need to video tape one of his fits. I’ve never enjoyed being called an asshole so much (his favorite word). And what is with his judicious of hair "product", he is so wet and greasy looking you don't want to get too close in case it slides off! :eek: It is hilarious to see Bailey have a melt down in front of a judge or storm out all pissed off.;) I should not be too hard, he is "nice", but is only after the quick buck, so make him work for it.:p