View Full Version : Sonya Bekoff Molho, West LA UD Defense lawyer (Bitch incarnate)

05-04-2006, 12:02 AM
This lady is something else. She is completly paranoid, only wears blue, and probably the same suit every two days. She drives a blue car, and knits socks for her husband a computer engineer. Though she tells you she barely knows how to use a computer and will not accept email with any attachments for fear of a virus.

**This is important, her office is in a dumpy building on Venice near Centenela. You cannot persnally serve her with discovery, no one will open the door from the street to the inside courtyard. You should serve her by Overnight Express or other overnight delivery service. She got real mad when I did that as the delivery person cannot get into her building if no one buzzes them in. She is too paranoid to let the delivery man upstairs!:eek:

I have been told by other lawyers that she instructs her clients not to wear any perfume or cologne when they visit her or have any animal hair on them for she is allergic. I’m not sure about that since after I heard that I added a bit and nothing seemed to happen. :rolleyes:

I forgot to describe her, she looks like a late 50 something mole, short mousy brown hair, dykish, but claimed to be married, probably an uber nerd, she has big floppy lips with Revlon "bright red" lipstick against pale skin which has never seen the sun, (see why I said mole?), drags along a luggage cart with a thick copy of "the Code".

Her style is to make sure you and everyone in the Court knows she gives CLE lectures and is a co-author of a book on UD law. Big deal. She is **** with everything she does. Her modus operandi is to try not to disclose to you her "defense" and to surprise you. She certainly knows her business, and that is what makes her scary, besides the nasal and dogmatic way she speaks.

From my observations, she will either ****yze a case or refuse to settle, unless you do exactly everything she demands, or will show up and do the trial and win on a technicality. I had a huge discovery battle with her. If you do not answer discovery “according to the Code” and along her schedule, she files ex parte motion to shorten time and motions to compel on anything. For example, if your client does not fill in the date on a verification form, she will tell you, “get me a proper verification by 3:00 p.m. the day after tomorrow or I will file a motion to compel.” You cannot tell her don’t worry, you will get it by the end of the week. I actually served her with supplemental discovery responses the day before she wanted an ex parte to shorten time for motions to compel; yet she still wanted the ex parte even though at the hearing I told the Commissioner Davis in Santa Monica (I also agree she is an idiot) that I served the supplemental responses yesterday so the motion is moot! Neither cared, she still filed the motions and had the hearing! Thankfully it was denied.

Molho is such a “beotch.” I was so happy to see the dejected look on her face after her moot motions were denied; it really takes the wind out of her when she has a set back of any kind.

Molho tells the judges this is how the law is. They don’t like that. She always CCP 170.6;s Judge ***le, even on an ex parte. I have had cases against her BH and Santa Monica. While I’ve have lost the cases, it was clear the judges did not like the way she handled the matter. I strongly suggest telling the judge how you want to settle it before the trial starts but she refuses to budge. She will then either say there is nothing to discuss, or dictate unreasonable terms. In my cases I knew that if we lost we would just re-file. E.g. the client accidentally accepted rent which was automatically deposited in the bank, then tried to refund the rent, but lost as it was “accepted rent”. Trying to let the judge know I wanted to settle the case also saved my client from paying hardly anything in legal fees after the trial.

From what I hear a lot of judges don’t like her. All of the regular UD lawyers I have spoken with are afraid of her. I hope I have another case against her, I now know how to handle her.:D Then again, this UD biz does have some rather unusual players! LOL:D

UD King
05-06-2006, 12:07 AM
I have had similar encounters with Molho. I don't think the UD lawyers are scared of her, more like dread dealing with her since everything must be her way. And her voice!:eek: It's effect on a human ear is worse then screaching chalk accross a black board. The next time she talks, try to interrupt her. She will not stop tallking till she wants to stop talking. She does not listen. You say fine, I'll serve amended resposnes, or I'll give you an extension, she will finish her 3 minute diatribe before acknowledging your existence.

The trick is if she is in your case to re-evaluate every aspect for a defect. If a defect then dismiss it and re-file if possible. I also think most judges loath her due to her at***ude. Though she thinks they like her. Wrong! I've heard them talk shit about her, it's hard to hide the fact that she is a witch!

One thing that always bothered me is once I heard her advise lawyers at a CEB conference to have your tenant clients assign to you their attorney fee clause in the retainer so the tenant lawyer can collect all of the money. I don't think that is correct. Maybe that is permitted, but it just seemed unethical that the lawyer who is defending the case now is a party to part of the case with an incentive to drive up legal fees. That is probably why she refuses to settle cases, refuses to clearly disclose what the defects or defense is until it is too late to dismiss the case.