View Full Version : Fred Mobin -- Employment, PI, Intellectual Property

The Underdog
05-05-2006, 10:45 PM
Fred is one of the most diverse lawyers I know and one of the hardest working. He loves to research. He will spend all night researching an issue just for the sheer enjoyment of learning. He also seems to know something about just about everything--really! He sends almost every day to his friends an email with summaries of interesting cases from the advance sheets.

He is very selective about his clients, so if I was on a case against him I'd be careful. I also would NOT challenge him to a discovery or law and motion battle. I know certain opposing counsel who tried and regretted that. He is also very ethical.

He also cares about his clients which is rare amoung lawyers. Most are into it for the power or money. Fred is into it for the learning and to help his clients.