View Full Version : Judge Stephen M. Lachs, Retired (ADR Services)

LA Lawyer
05-15-2006, 08:36 PM
I arbitratrated a real estate matter before Judge Lachs and found it to be a very pleasant exprience, even if my client did not prevail on all issues. What I liked about him is he is equally vinegar, sugar and spice. He was extremely polite, was formal when required, e.g. with evidentiary and legal issues, but permitted the arbitratin to proceed in an informal but meaningful fashion.

He did not hesitate to interject his opinions about how he cannot force a case to settle, but if he were the parties this is how he would handle it. What I liked is he sensed the parties really wanted to settle, but were so committed to litigating and to have the judge decide the case, it was a good idea for him to create an openining which could promoite an informal resolution.

From what I remember when Lachs was a regular judge he was also very good. Recently there have been some articles on Lachs and how he was involved in the Michael Jackson Debbie Rowe custody case. See below. I would feel comfortable with him hearing any business or contractual dispute.