View Full Version : ("Rick") Enrique Houston Touceda: UD Lawyer LA

UD King
05-22-2006, 11:13 PM
Rick is the most seriously serious UD lawyer I know. He is so serious, hates tenants so much, that he has me rolling over in stiches laughing. :D Well, Dennis Block may hate tenants a bit more than Rick, but Dennis Block is not funny. It is hard to get Touceda to smile, he is so sarcastic it is sick. But I like him nevertheless.

He used to be the sole officer, organizer, newsletter writer, etc. of the LA Trial Lawyers Association. You could not join it if you ever represented a tenant.

Touceda will carry a grudge forever. I thought after his heart attack a few years ago he would loosen up a bit, nah. He's just as serious. He really is a nice guy if you get thourgh his armadillo like skin.

As far as his legal abilities, Rick knows his shit. He has seen every trick in the book and can work the Landlord's angles as well as anyone can. He acts very professionally when he is in court and I think all of the Judges like him.