View Full Version : Dennis P. Block: UD Lawyer Los Angeles

UD King
05-22-2006, 11:31 PM
Dennis Block is an asshole and proud of it. His ex partner Michael Katz is one of the nicest guys you could ever meet. Katz practices UD law in Ventura. Block has an infamous temper. He yells at everyone. Somtimes I think I have found more clients who left him for me after Dennis yelled at them then referrals from the phone book! Dennis is a great UD business man; he really treats his practice as a business, his clients are just dollars, the tenants the grease to make his office run. I admire him for his business sense.

As far as being a lawyer, I think he last appeared in court in the mid-1980's.:eek: I'm not sure if he told me this story or an employee, something about Dennis getting into an argument with a judge and the judge threatening to lock him up and hold him in contempt of court. After that he stopped making court appearances. This is why I laugh when he gives lectures about the state of the law in the UD courts. Everything he knows is hearsay, second hand.:rolleyes:

He has a few really nice lawyers working for him. The problem is the lawyers who go to court do it because it is their job; they do not have a personal involvement with their clients as when it is your client. Dennis' associates work for the "man", they do a good job, but when you need something extra, I'd go to one of the other 15 or so "regular" UD lawyers in LA. UD's is one of the few areas where the sole prac***ioners do far better for their clients then the larger "firms".