View Full Version : Robert Peter Weiss, Narvid Scott Sherman Oaks (Jackass)

Valley Lawyer
03-27-2007, 10:45 PM
As most professionals, I prefer litigating against a smart lawyer, because they tend to be honest, want to do the "right thing" and act professionally during the litigation and usually also try to resolve a dispute. (98% of the time in civil litigation both sides are partially wrong, so settlement is a good idea) Every so often you run across a Robert Weiss -- an aggressive, dishonest and stupid lawyer.

What set me off is he is a liar; he even had his young associate lie for him, and now the judge also sees he is dishonest. Weiss will also call your office and browbeat your secretary. He may also have attention deficit disorder. Make sure that you always send a confirming letter, he will lie to you like a Persian rug (no offense to Persians). :eek: He tried arguing to a judge that after giving a short extension to respond to discovery that extension was conditioned upon a waiver of all objections! Is he an idiot, a liar? Yes, he is both!

Maybe it is his nasal New York at***ude. Maybe it is his inability to breathe through his nose (Could that be a sign of sinus disease or is he a coke addict?) Maybe it is his (and his office’s) steadfast position no not give in on any issue, even if they cannot do any better in court. Then again, if they bill for their waste of time, and the clients pay, then maybe they are not stupid, but their clients sure are.

Maybe Weiss (and Narvid Scott) enjoyed losing every single motion, demurrer, motions to compel even if the proposed stipulation would have given them more then what the court gave—which was nothing. Maybe it is Mr. Weiss’ stupid response in open court that there will be no mediation even after the court suggested that would be a good idea.

Maybe it is Mr. Weiss’ “little man complex” (he is about 5’8”) and he tries to appear to be a tough guy. Maybe he is having a midlife crises, he is 50 years old and drives a blue Mustang convertable. Though that probably only means he has a little dick and ADD. (I also found it comical that he joined me in the elevator, put on his sunglasses, started to try to stare me down then approached me as if he wanted to provoke a fight. I was just waiting to see if he touched me, or made a fu***ive movement, (I think that was the word they tought me when I did seriously kick some ass) then I could test if my training was still effective. He was very bizarre, almost comical; or maybe just pathetic to see a grown man act like a teen ager.

Maybe Weiss’ inability to litigate was simply re-affirmed by his repeated requests to the court to please deny his improper motions without prejudice so he can “re-file them” causing the court to roll its eyes, and then to repeat, that the motions were denied because he filed the wrong type of motions, e.g. if he filed the at least the proper type of motions and then a different ruling might occur. Maybe his inability to listen was further proof to the Court that Mr. Weiss does not listen to others, including the Court. As I said, with Narvid Scott, it is “their way or the byway”. Maybe it is Weiss preference to use the “bully” approach to litigation as opposed to the professional apprach. Naw, maybe it is still tht he has a small penis. :D

While extra work is required to protect yourself against a lying lawyer like Weiss, the good thing is his lack of ability to litigate can only help you to win your case.

P.S. Maybe I should not have used so many maybe’s!