View Full Version : Judge Joe W. Hilberman, Retired (Was Dept. P Santa Monica)

The Underdog
05-14-2007, 11:47 AM
This is a real litigator's judge. He litigated as a lawyer, understands civil litigation and is a great guy. My female associates also think he is cute for an "older guy", that means with grey hair. I even heard a juror after a trial once asked him to lunch because he was cute!:eek:

He is very practical, uses common sense, sanctions are threatended, I have not seen them imposed, but he probably would if merited. He is a very good settlement judge

Over all, I like him! No, I'm not asking him to lunch, nor is he nor I gay. But he is a nice looking fellow.

P.S. Too bad he could not make enough money to survive, e.g. pay for his kids college, we need more judges like him.
P.P.S. That bitch Grimes replaced him. She's gone, I guess incompetence gets promoted if you have connections. I think the trial bar is better off now.