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01-12-2004, 01:41 PM
Carol B. Goodson, LASC Dept. 75 Limited Civil

01-15-2004, 11:49 PM
Carol B. Goodson, LASC Dept. 75 Limited Civil
This woman is rich bitch incarnate. All she cares about is her daughter and horses. Her husband is Mark Goodson of tv fame. She is pro large corporate parties and very anti-underdog. She will try to set you up and play games. She is lazy and should not have anything to do with the law.

Given the above, she has a single redeeming quality, while her nebeshy law clerk works up all motions and seems to make all decisions in the cases, she will fax tentatives several days before the hearing and you can submit without appearing. The problem is if you do not submit, once you appear at court you will NOT even speak to the Judge. She will not entertain oral argument unless you push hard or cite a statute requiring oral argument on that particular type of hearing. You will be forced to tell your argument to the law clerk (I think his name is John) who goes back into Chambers to see the Wizard (Judge). The law clerk comes out again and says sorry, tentative stands. I think I saw her sanction an attorney $100 who insisted on oral argument before the Judge. File your 170.6 as to this woman.