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The Underdog
01-12-2010, 08:03 PM
:)This dog is in heat. ;) I keep meeting and using incredible court reporters. I hope they donít find out Iím two, or three timing them. I had the pleasure of using http://www.steldingreporters.com/contact.cfm (http://www.steldingreporters.com/contact.cfm)
Stelding Reporters, then I just happened to meet the Jilleen Stelding herself. OMG, she has he act together and is hot. Yep, Iím just a slut puppy to those reporters, a nice hot cookie is hard to pass up. Not that type of cookie, one with chips, or nuts, etc.

Stelding gives great rates and delivers as promised. Also her reporter raved about how good it is to work for Jilleen, so that probably makes the reporters happy as well.

The Underdog
04-18-2011, 06:07 PM
Jilleen is just a great person. Yeah she's hot, but she is the consumate business woman. She merged her company with Veritext and so far this dog is still very happy with Jilleen's new company. Call her, ask her for the "underdog special pricing". She will help you out.:cool:

Jilleen's Veritext number: (310) 788-8400 Extension 230
jstelding@veritext.com (jstelding@veritext.com)

Cell (213) 587-1011