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How to add a posting (thread).

To add a new posting under a forum category, click on new or reply to the "thread" then add your information. E.g. Under the Judge's Forum, click new thread, add the name of the judge and his department in the ***le, then in the main text box write away! Thanks for participating.
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How to review attorneys.

You can add a new attorney to write about by adding a new "thread". Or you can reply to the existing thread. After the attorney or firm's name, provide us with your candid opinion concerning his abilities and character. Feel free to use your full 1st Amendment rights. However, it is better to describe why someone is a great attorney, or why he is an asshole then to just state your conclusion. You can self-post, flame others, etc. Go ahead and vent a little!
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Dina El Dabe, Sherman Oaks, CA

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  • Dina El Dabe, Sherman Oaks, CA

    This is one hot babe but don't get fooled by her looks. I hired her to help me with a couple of cases that were dogs and she pulled off coups winning both of them!

    She has a mix of sweetness and a killer instinct. She is absolutely fearless, is not afraid of trials or anything else. I reccomend staying on her good side.

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    Dina is the best!

    I love this girl. She is great to be around. For a young lawyer she has great instincts both trying cases and with settling them.
    Someone has to do it.


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      Dina is one Kewl lawyer!

      Dina is a able to think quick and not be pushed over by others, including judges. She is going to make a great trial lawyer. Cool and able to think quick and always has a smile. She also knows a lot about UD's, but I have also used her for other things. She's also very cute


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        I want to add my two cents. I have met her, and she is so nice, and hot, and a great lawyer!

        Dina is great. She also says it as it is. No sugar coating. Two thumbs up, with a kiss!
        The Underdog's bite is much worse then his bark!