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Patricia L. Collins, West Dist. SM Courthouse Dept. B

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  • Patricia L. Collins, West Dist. SM Courthouse Dept. B

    Patricia L. Collins, Ret., ADRS, Inc. was West Dist. SM Courthouse Dept. B Civil
    The Underdog

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    Originally posted by The Underdog
    Patricia L. Collins, West Dist. SM Courthouse Dept. B Civil
    She is a real soccer mom. She is smart, but don't cross her or she will bite your head off! She can out-think you and craft an order making it tough to appeal. Sometimes I just don't know why she makes certain rulings. I think in one of my cases she tried to help settle a case by making each side win and lose a little, only to create more work for herself with subsequent motions and a trial.

    I had one wacky civil jury trial before her. She is a good trial judge but is truly Solomon like, and has no problem splitting the baby into 2 or even 4 pieces.

    She does her homework, prepares nice tentative rulings. She often comments on working late and she takes her job seriously. It is very important to always be credible and if you make a mistake, or don't know something, be honest about it. She is a little hard of hearing so speak up when in her court. (I think she went to too many rock concerts in college!) I'd let her try another case of mine, but I will try to out-think her, close all loopholes and make a better record for appeal.
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      Patricia Collins

      Judge Collins, along with Judge Connor, is one of the best judges in Santa Monica IMHO. She is bright, not afraid to make decisions and has a pleasant demeanor and temperament.


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        Judge Collins is retiring March 2008

        Judge Collins is leaving the bench next year, March 2008. She would also be a great private settlement judge. She is very strong, opinionated, practical and smart (maybe too smart). she will tell it as it is.
        The Underdog's bite is much worse then his bark!


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          Judge Collins is at ADRS in Century City

          She is now doing the ADR Services in Century City. She's good, she will tell you how it is. She will settle your case by no nonsense tell it as it is as opposed to some judges who simply tell war stories or jokes.
          The Underdog's bite is much worse then his bark!