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Lisa H. Cole, West District BH Courthouse Dept. X

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  • Lisa H. Cole, West District BH Courthouse Dept. X

    Lisa H. Cole, West District BH Courthouse Dept. X (Criminal Trial) Site Judge
    The Underdog

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    Judge Cole is is a mighty fine soul!

    Sorry, I had to say that. She's a good judge and a very nice lady. She treats jurors very nice, gives a tour of her chambers after the case, answers questions, etc.
    She's a fairly typical straight shooting bench officer, seems polite, listens, etc. I don't have a lot of experience with her, my one trial I lost but probably deserved to lose; you know, those defendants generally are both stupid and guilty but someone's got to represent them! Actually, one thing judges do better then anything else is to divine out the liars from the truthful ones. Sometimes it does not work, but generally bench officers are pretty good figuring out who is telling the truth. Then counsel needs to use the law to clean up the facts. I love these icons Anyway, Cole will give you a fair trial.


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      Judge Cole is a good judge

      I also liked her. She lets you say everything you want to say. She can be a bit curt, but that is when someone interrupts her or begins to waste time.
      Don't mess with the Queen!


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        Judge Lisa Hart Cole, SM Courthouse, decided my case solely based on the statement of one party

        Judge Lisa Hart Cole was assigned to investigate my complaint against Commissioner Pamela Davis. Judge Cole did not investigate my complaint. Instead, she suddenly concluded the case solely based on the statement of Commissioner Davis to her that I drove against a red traffic light, which is laughable because I wasn't even at the intersection. I legally changed a lane far away from any intersection. The most fundamental principle of justice is Audi Alteram Partem, which means a judge must hear both parties in a case. Judge Lisa Hart Cole blatantly violated the most fundamental principle of justice.
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