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To add a new posting under a forum category, click on new or reply to the "thread" then add your information. E.g. Under the Judge's Forum, click new thread, add the name of the judge and his department in the ***le, then in the main text box write away! Thanks for participating.
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Mediator Robert T. Altman (Ret., LASC)

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  • Mediator Robert T. Altman (Ret., LASC)

    Warning: Do not use this individual as a mediator. If you have scheduled a matter with him, canel now! He is not partial, does not attempt to be partial, and is more interested in advising the parties of his "ruling", rather than achieve a fair settlement. This is what happened a my recent mediation: in the presence of opposing counsel, he "advised" me that my client did not have a case. He then went down the hall, and told the same to my client. In fact, the plaintiff's case was "pure gold," but even if it were not, his approach was wrong-headed. Once I told Altman that we were leaving, he cooled off, but the damage was done. Again, do not use this individual under any circumstances. He should be banned as a mediator.