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Westlaw: Ed Scott (310) 351-1566

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  • Westlaw: Ed Scott (310) 351-1566

    Ed is the nicest, most honest sales rep I have ever met. More importantly, he finds the best deals for the Westlaw and West products. He tells you of "secret discounts" like the save 5% if you pay within 30 days or up front. If there is a problem with billing, the product, or anything else, he will get it fixed and fast.

    The difference between him and the Lexis reps in Century City are like day and night. I hate the Lexis guys. They are deceitful and refuse to give you a fair deal until after you show them that you just signed your office with Westlaw. If they wanted the deal, when I told them of the Westlaw proposal they simply said, "Lexis has no compe***ion from Westlaw, we are the best and are the only choice for a major law firm." ****, shold have made a better offer before I signed, not after. Maybe their business practice is to make contracts to break them to save a penny, but not mine.