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Lexis Refuses to give a "satisfaction guarrantee"

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  • Lexis Refuses to give a "satisfaction guarrantee"

    I'm at Lexis Nexis and their Time Matters product. I could not install it within the 90 day trial period so I called and asked to extend the trial period by a month. My Rep said no. I asked could I return it and reorder it. The rep said yes.

    I reordeed it, and did that using my personal name, not the firm name as the rep indidcated I should. He told me this because Time Matters may not let me return it after I installed it and then get another trial period. I said I have not even opened the box. Whatever,

    I reordered it, then a week later the Lexis rep sends me a fax that I must waive the "satisfaction guarrantee" to recieve the product. Like, what the ****! I did not even install it the first time, now I even ordered another seat, and you are afraid I won't like the product so I must waive any advertised return privileges of your satisfaction guarrantee!

    I told the Lexis rep what I thought of his company and their stupidity. I then wrote a detailed letter to Lexis, their Data text "Time Matters sub corp.", and some software review companies that previously highly rated Time Matters. Let's see if they change their mind now the putz's (if a company can have a putz )
    Watch out,, I shoot from the lip!