How to add a posting (thread).

To add a new posting under a forum category, click on new or reply to the "thread" then add your information. E.g. Under the Judge's Forum, click new thread, add the name of the judge and his department in the ***le, then in the main text box write away! Thanks for participating.
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Great Westlaw Rep Randy Barnes (805) 498-7272

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  • Great Westlaw Rep Randy Barnes (805) 498-7272

    Westlaw is much more flexible, not to mention offers better content and is honest with their offerings. I also hate Lexis, but that is because their interface sucks and their reps mislead.

    The Century City Rep is Randy Barnes and he is very above board, honest and will give you a substantial discount. As opposed to Lexis which will offer you full price, for little content, then offer a 10% discount thinking you will take it. Forget that. Call Randy for the real deal!
    The Underdog's bite is much worse then his bark!