How to add a posting (thread).

To add a new posting under a forum category, click on new or reply to the "thread" then add your information. E.g. Under the Judge's Forum, click new thread, add the name of the judge and his department in the ***le, then in the main text box write away! Thanks for participating.
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  • MonsterTrak

    I reccomend using MonsterTrak, which is the university/college job posting portion of It costs $25 per school and the school grads and undergrads can access it. I find that it is worth the one month or so of training to hire a sharp almost college graduate, or recent grad even if they only last about a year. Sometimes you get lucky and they will work for you for a while, but over all, it works well. Though each prospective employee id different, I have hired everyone from High School students, to community college, to University grads, some with various advanced degrees, this generally words well .
    The Underdog