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Lanier Copiers Suck!

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  • Lanier Copiers Suck!

    Lanier copier's are not reliable, their service is almost non-existent, and they are difficult to deal with. If you lease a "used" copier, then their service agreement promise does not apply. Yet, they do not tell you that when you sign up. I have had one of their copiers in my storage area for 4 months, another copier which still breaks down every couple of weeks, and it can take a week or longer for them to come out to repair. Plus they are about $100 more expensive then a similar "new" copier from a compe***or. This dog is about to sue them.

    P.S. AFter over a year of problems, "Lanier" is now Ricoh, the prior sales person is gone, and a nice new "practical" area sales person came aboard. Now they promise more repair technicians and to repair and then replace my copier. If so, that is great. If not, well, my lawsuit is ready to go!
    Last edited by The Underdog; 09-21-2007, 09:15 PM. Reason: Change in Lanier Management, now Ricoh
    The Underdog's bite is much worse then his bark!

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    Lanier is now Ricoh and at least my New Rep is Great!

    Like any organization, the people are key. Lanier now has changed to be "Ricoh", and I guess the old service manager is out, the old sales person who ripped me off and then became non-existent is gone, and a new great guy is now on board.
    The new guy really went out of his way to fix the situation even though there was no commission in it for him. I hope he sticks around for a while.
    The new service guy is also great (actually the original service tech was also very nice, he just had a piece of junk to work with.)
    So at this point I would reccomend Ricoh, and if you need a great sales person to deal with email the underdog or post a reply here and I will send you his contact information.
    P.S. It was fun shopping for a new copier, each company (except for Ricoh) sent a cute girl to solicit my business. But the Ricoh guy really worked his butt off.
    The Underdog's bite is much worse then his bark!