Just got back from an all day mediation and I am so sick of Jelly Beans, I think I could throw up. Why do Mediators feel compelled to have stupid Jelly Bellies? Who started that tradition?

Anyway, he is a no-nonsense deal maker. He will hammer the Plaintiff and get them down, then work on the Defendants to get them to pay something, then tries to close the gap.

What was particularly effective with us was the threat that the Plaintiff and Defendant were going to settle without us, leave us missing the train, and they would good faith the settlement, and leave me alone with the bulk of the damages, and no indemnity claim. I wouldn't feel so bad, except the other Defendant was getting off so cheap.

The good news was that he offered us such a deal, we couldn't refuse, so we signed on to the deal. He has nice pre-made settlement sheets.

His offices are cramped, stuffy, and he has lousy coffe and those discusting Jelly Bellies that I feel compelled to eat. Parking is impossible but onlyabout $10 for the day.

I'd use him again, but try a different location--perhaps your office. Tell him to leave the Jelly Bellies.