I've known Rosario for a long time, longer then he even knows. But he is one hell of a creative lawyer. He really seems to like what he does. A lot of lawyers threaten to go to the Court of Appeals, Rosario is the lawyer I know who actually carries out his thrreats.

He is also a very caring person. Once I represented a tenant against him and he went out of his way to help the tenant, even so far as renting them one of his own units a little below market rent to help out. He really has a lot of integrity, and is an intelligent guy. At times he also has a but too much Chutzpah, but I like that!

For the downside, he can be a bit pricey for his clients, but that is their problem. He also takes chances I'd never take which makes him a bit unpredictiable; so it usually is better to settle with him.