I tend to find and use "special" court reporters. You know, the ones that distract the witnesses or opposing lawyers with their incredible demeanor and blinding beauty. Well, I think now I have surpassed my prior finds with the Kelli Norden girls. Their Tel. (310) 820-7733

For completely different reasons, including being incredibly hot, call Kelli and ask for her, Kim, Sam or any of her other beauties to take your next deposition. They also have great cookies

But more importantly, well, just as importantly, they really are very professional and have great compe***ive rates.

Even if you are a cheap ass CAALA PI lawyer, why use $4.25/page Atkinson who will send you a different person each time with a variety of experience, when you can have some classy ladies take your depositions for maybe another $150 or so per depo.
P.S. My friends at Christensen also used Kelli for the same reason!

..Ok, Kelli, you can slap me now if you want. But what else can I say!